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7 careers with good salary

Hello friends welcome everyone . Today's topic is about  "7 careers which provide good salary during study time " . So let's enter into our topic .... 

 1.) Blogging :   Nowadays many employees  are  leaving their jobs and showing interest towards blogging due to the facilities provided by it . If anybody have good knowledge about any topic and  want to share it to others then it is a good platform to share your knowledge and earn money for your knowledge . The content should be genuine and perfect one .

For blogging purpose you can use websites like : WordPress 

My suggestion is to select WordPress only . because it has lot more additional features compared to 

2.) Digital marketing :  In this field if you have a good social media network and have capacity to sell or bring many order for a company as many as possible then you will be getting good payment . In this field you need to either Market a product digitaly in all social media network. 
Email marketing is also a part of it .
 If you want to learn digital marketing course for free you can choose directly from Google .it is free of cost 

3.) Freelancer :  in this type we will get works as per our talent  .we may get works in the field like website development , website design , graphic design, content writing . As per our work the company's will give us rating as per the ratings we will get  works for the next time . 

For the Begginers sometimes it is better to work for free for the company's .if you work well you may get a chance to do internship with that company .
Websites like : , are genuine one and provide lot of work .

4.) Youtube : 

Nowadays many people are showing interest onmaking videos,posting it on  YouTube . It is also a good one . But it has huge competition . If you think you can bare the competition then make videos on genuine topics with perfect and genuine information .if you provide fake information it may trouble you .

5.) Video editing :  It is the only course which doesn't need any educational qualifications.if you are have some idea on video editing then you may earn lot of money . It has less competition compared with all fields .

 6.) Online trainer : If you have knowledge on any topic and want to share with others then you can work as an online trainer you will get money as per the review of students or as per your working hours .

7.)  Entrepreneur : if you have any idea or want to start your own business then entrepreneur is the best idea you may get income as per your quality of the products . 

Thankyou friends ...